Crawlomatic Tutorial Video 2: Advanced Setup of WordPress Crawling and Scraping | CodeRevolution Knowledge Base

Crawlomatic Tutorial Video 2: Advanced Setup of WordPress Crawling and Scraping | CodeRevolution Knowledge Base

Check this advanced tutorial for more info on how to set up the Crawlomatic plugin. More info and use cases!


Crawlomatic β–Ί


This video will show you an updated and detailed tutorial for the Crawlomatic plugin. In the video you will also see use cases for image lazy loading, content extraction, pagination, crawling expressions and many more.

This is a very long tutorial, with over 1 hour of content, covering the entire feature set of the plugin. I hope this video will be helpful, so you can better understand the functionality of the Crawlomatic WordPress plugin.

Easily copy pages of content with images from your old website and create your own WordPress pages and posts.

Most of the web migration software available is hard to use and needs advanced knowledge. Crawlomatic makes it simple with an easy to use visual interface on your WordPress site.

Features that will make using this plugin very easy:

– Visual interface for selecting content.

– No need to know CSS selectors.

– Images are imported to your media library.

– Simply add your URL and start grabbing content.

– Automatically populate the featured image, title, tags, and categories.

– Save as draft, post, or page.

– Strip unwanted css, iframes, and/or videos from content

– Remove links from the content.

– Post to a selected category.

– The Crawlomatic plugin allows unlimited posts and pages with the Multiple Scrape.

The Crawlomatic plugin also has a fully functional Live Scrape feature that allows automatically refreshed content for ratings, reviews, scores, rankings and so much more!

β–¬ Contents of this video

0:00​ – Intro

1:07​ – Scraping a single article example

2:44​ – How to fix lazy loaded images in scraped content

5:03​ – How to tell the plugin which content should it scrape

8:11 – How to switch from single to serial scraping

9:39 – Explaining basic settings from the β€˜Web Crawl to Posts’ menu

10:31 – Explaining advanced settings from the β€˜Web Crawl to Posts’ menu (top part)

15:15​ – Crawling & Content Grabbing Customizations Explained

25:36​ – Automatically update existing posts

25:55​ – Copy Images from Scraped Content Locally

27:41​ – Featured Image Options

29:04​ – Posting Restrictions

30:06​ – Content Stripping Customizations

31:44​ – Other Post Customizations

33:54​ – How to Extract Links From URLs which will be Crawled

35:41​ – How to use pagination to crawl more links from sites

36:50​ – How to optimize paginated crawling

37:44​ – How to crawl links from pages which were already scraped

39:18​ – More Crawling Customizations

40:27​ – How to include/exclude from crawling External Links

41:07 – How to tell the plugin from where should it scrape and extract content

41:48 – How to scrape articles which have multiple pages into a single post

43:28 – How to extract the title of the scraped content

43:39 – How to extract the author of the scraped content

43:50 – How to extract the featured image of the scraped content

44:00 – How to extract the publish date of the scraped content

44:28 – How to extract the categories and tags of the scraped content

45:13 – How to use the Custom Shortcode Creator feature

50:01 – How to extract product prices (WooCommerce scraping)

50:31 – Crawling Helper Explained

50:41 – Tips and Tricks Page Explained

50:52 – Activity and Logging Page Explained

52:28 – Main Settings Page Explained

52:44 – Translator API keys

52:57 – General Plugin Options

57:02 – Using Proxies in the plugin

57:12 – Other Plugin Options

58:02 – Image Options

59:14 – Royalty Free Image Replacing Feature

59:47 – Other Posting Options

1:02:09 – WooCommerce Dropshipping Price Modifications

1:02:27 – Text Spinning Options

1:02:49 – Global Posting Restriction Options (applied for all rules)

1:03:09 – PhantomJS Settings

1:03:29 – Post Meta Options & Random Sentence Generator

1:04:06 – Custom HTML Shortcode Explained

1:04:19 – Affiliate Keyword Replacer Tool Explained

1:04:30 – Available WordPress Shortcodes/Gutenberg Blocks Explained (Live Scraping Included)

1:06:31 – Wrapping Up, thank you for watching!


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